Fantasy Folesball: The RBs I Love & Loathe

You’ve seen the numbers. You know the names. When the clock is ticking will you make the right choice? In this entry I’ll highlight five running backs I love and the ones you should avoid.


Jamaal Charles– Breakaway speed on an improved offense. He set an NFL record for fewest carries (190) to reach 1,100 rushing yards for 5.9 yards per carry. That’s some Madden type stuff right there. The presence of Thomas Jones will scare off enough people to make Charles a nice value in the 3rd round of fantasy drafts. He’s an ideal RB2.

Thumbs Up for Southeast Jerome!

Clinton Portis– His offseason conditioning has received high marks from the local media. The arrival of Donovan McNabb and old-new coach Mike Shanahan will open the running game enough to reach 1,200 rushing yards and 6 TDs (if healthy).

Ryan Matthews– Norv Turner sure knows how to please fantasy football fans doesn’t he? Turner suggests that Matthews will fetch 250+ carries and over 40 receptions in his rookie season. One has to like this talk coming out of Chargers camp. Slot him ahead of marginal first rounders LeSean McCoy and Rashard Mendenhall.

Ladanian Tomlinson– Value, value, value. LT will be ignored in the early rounds. Take him late and expect solid production. The Jets offensive line is the best in the league and offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer will give LT every opportunity to earn his fair share of the carries. I forecast a 50/50 split (timeshare with second year back Shonn Greene) and LT getting most of the action near the goal line. “What it do!”

Beanie Wells– In a recent interview on the Jim Rome Show Wells provided some insight as to why his rookie season started so slow. It was the first time he’d ever lived outside the state of Ohio and he struggled with the pressures of being the 1st round pick to a team that made the Super Bowl in its previous season. This year he’s fully loaded and ready to set the fantasy world afire. Arizona will lean heavily on the 6’1″ 235lb back to give Matt Leinart more room in the passing game. Expect his workload to increase significantly from the 176 carries posted in ’09. Prediction: 1,400 rushing yards, 10 TDs, and dozens of trade offers from your fellow leaguemates. You’re welcome.

Keep your eye on…

Buffalo Bills running back CJ Spiller is primed for some major preseason carries. Fred Jackson, who’s fresh off a 1,000 yard season behind that same offensive line, will be out 4-6 weeks due to a broken bone in his hand. Incumbent starter Marshawn Lynch was the mayor of Suck City last season and he’ll be on the sidelines for the next 3-4 weeks nursing a sprained ankle. Monitor Spiller’s progress and adjust your rankings accordingly.

"Are you not entertained?!"


Adrian Peterson– Are we supposed to forget that this guy is a torn-ACL-waiting-to-happen? AP now has 742 touches in the past two seasons. He logged 412 total touches last season including the playoffs. Don’t forget the fumbles either. If you have the #1 overall pick just draft Chris Johnson and enjoy the ride.

The mutant child of JStew & DeAngelo Williams– Who’s their quarterback? Which of these two running backs is the starter? How will the carries be divvied up? What’s the ratio of stanley nickels to schrute bucks?

Avoid the Dirty Birds this year.

Michael Turner– Have you ever seen this guy run in the open field? Michael “the Burner” Turner isn’t… and hasn’t been since 2008. He’s every bit of 28 years old in a very young league. Matt Ryan looked very JV last season and defenses will continue to stack 8 men in the box. Yuck.

Ryan Grant– He’s that guy in the office who got promoted to management and no one seems to know why. Yet Ryan Grant shows up to work on time, leaves promptly at 5pm, and does just enough not to get fired. Somehow people keep drafting Grant in the 2nd round. That’s terrible value for a guy who only topped 100 yards twice last year. LOATHE!

Knowshon Moreno– A simple Google Images search will show there are three full pages of pics from Moreno’s college days before you get to some snapshots of him sporting Broncos gear. There’s a reason for that. After a rather uninspired rookie campaign in which he averaged a very pedestrian 3.8 yards per carry, Moreno has yet to show flashes of the form that made him a fixture in Athens. Couple that with the departure of playmaker Brandon Marshall, sprinkle in a few extra gimmick plays for Tim Tebow (hey, you have to sell jerseys somehow) and you have the recipe for regression. He’ll probably never be the featured back in Denver so why waste a 3/4 round pick on him? Don’t be that guy on draft day wearing the hideous Broncos throwback jersey with #27 on the back.

Stay tuned next week for a preview of the wide receivers.


7 Responses to Fantasy Folesball: The RBs I Love & Loathe

  1. Big ang says:

    Great Blog. Gggggg u nit!

  2. Stop ripping off Rotoworld! My name is G-reg…see my third leg!

  3. Rodmack says:

    Nice job Foley.

  4. Big Ang says:

    B fols, great pics….noke LBJ

  5. JP says:

    Not sure I agree on Turner, but I’m with you on the rest. Love the schrute bucks reference too

  6. timothy giebel says:

    say caramrod, and givte turner a large cola!!!!!!!!!!!! good stuff foley this completed my ramadan fast i can eat the food for though off your plate, keep dishing this shit out!

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